The Ford Focus ST is an extremely popular model with good reason! Impressive power and torque delivered to the front wheels provides a lively and exciting driving experience with fantastic all-round performance.

Custom Tuning is available NOW from MRT Performance using EcuTeK software and delivering next level performance, with official MRT Power Kits not too far away.

Every engine is slightly different, and unlike other tuning products available on the market which use “Off The Shelf” maps which are not specifically tuned to suit your individual car, at MRT Performance we take the time to custom tune your individual car, guaranteeing you the best and safest results!

To give you an idea of the results we can achieve by custom tuning the Factory Engine Control unit, here is a dyno graph showing a stock car VS. MRT Tuned car with NO other physical modifications…..

Focus ST Custom Tune

Here is an additional graph showing a stock car VS. MRT Tuned WITH aftermarket exhaust system.

Focus ST Custom Tune WITH Exhaust

Hi Brett,

Sorry it has taken me so long to give you some feedback about how the car is performing, the last few weeks have been very hectic for myself and have not had the opportunity to properly drive the car.

Overall the car is performing flawlessly I cannot fault it in anyway possible since you have done the tune to it.

Initially the car did seem a bit sluggish compared to the Cobb tune when you would really put your foot down, where that seemed very quite brutal in its initial power delivery from 2000rpm,

But with your ecutek tune, it’s a lot more relaxing while putting your foot down it doesn’t feel as if you have overwhelmed by the power but is very consistent in it build up through the rev range.

Ultimately I can definitely tell their has been an increase in power especially at the back end of the rev range, even around the 5000rpm mark the car is still accelerating very quickly and feels like it has more to give.

I am extremely pleased with the work you have done to the car it absolutely fabulous, with the power delivery being so much more controllable and also the torque stear is vertically unnoticeable,

I look forward to what I’ll be able to do with the car at the next rally sprint


In addition to our custom tuning offerings, MRT are currently in the Research and Development phase of our Power Kit offerings, fine tuning exactly what will provide the absolute best value for money.

Our promise to you is to make sure we deliver on what you need, thats why we offer a warranty on almost every thing that you need.

Ask yourself, does any other supplier offer this? :

  • Custom Tuned.
    Your car will be individually tuned to suit the production variatons, wear and tear of your car
    Yes your car is unique so we tune uniquely!
    You can rely on knowing we will deliver a result specific for you.
    We often spend 2 – 3 hrs fine tuning your car to get the best result , as part of our final testing and quality control.
  • Free Retunes for life.
    As long as your car remains mechanically the same as when we first tuned it, if there is a software update or a edit you need to meed your driving needs we do this free.
  • Noise Guarantee.
    Worried about exhaust noise? too loud, too quiet?
    MRT will ensure we deliver, or your money back.
  • Power Guarantee.
    We carefully test our kits on a large number of cars before we release them.
    That way, even if your car is a “lemon” we can deliver what we promise. No excuses!
    Our kits are not just a list of random parts we want to sell, each part is thouroughly checked for the value it ads to each kit.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
    All parts we supply and fit are good for the life of your ownership!
  • Deal with one supplier.
    We make our parts, we test them, we tune them, we develop them.
    No blaming, we give you the best and not just a list of parts that add no value to your budget,
  • Money back Guarantee.
    Even after all above and you get your car improved by MRT and for some reason you are not happy, let us know, we will refit everything back the way you arrived and you pay nothing.
  • Made in Australia.
    MRT are proud to be Australian.


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