More Power, Better Fuel Economy & GUARANTEED to keep your factory warranty 

MRT Staged Power Kits are the simplest, safest and most cost effective way to extract the performance you wish you had, whilst retaining the peace of mind of your factory warranty.

Our power kits are dyno and track tested, and available in stages to suit your car, desired performance level and budget.


Manufacturers deliberately build massive performance buffers in to their cars from factory to allow for varying climates and fuel types across the globe, and to protect their interests against people who do not maintain their cars properly.

Drawing on our decades of experience, MRT are able to enhance your car to meet your needs.
We can work with you to deliver a result that will amaze you in its refinement, reliability and ease of which to drive.

Free reports, staged power kit documents, videos,  technical info and more, are available below, all written to explain HOW and WHY some parts work and the secrets on what modifications don’t!

Choose a proven, Dyno tested, fully warranted MRT kit with new car warranty or we can custom tune a package that suits your already modified car.

Check our warranty details here for the Best Warranty on any vehicle modifications.

Please choose a model (from the list below) for more details on parts, powerkits and technical rescources, if your car is not listed we can still help, please contact us here:

MRT Staged Power Kits for MY12 – Current 86


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